Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Installing your own Step Bars

It wasn’t that long ago that if a customer was looking for some sort of running board for his truck I would try to sell him anything other than a Step Bar.  Step Bars otherwise referred to as Side Bars or Nerf Bars at one time were about as difficult to install as any accessory out there. 
The designs were pretty basic with various lengths fitting a number of different vehicles and one size fits all is never a good route to go. Drilling 16 holes through the steel frame of a truck would require not a couple of really sharp drill bits, but the arms of a gorilla and an amount of patience possessed by few. Chrome plating over welds would often flake off and black powder coating would chip, both resulting in rust and a high volume of warranty claims, and who needed those headaches, so the attitude became please Mr. Customer anything but step bars. Things have changed.  
Our Aries line of Step Bars are specifically engineered for individual trucks. The days of drilling through frames are behind us. Aries bars use the components the manufacturer designed into your truck for mounting purposes. Most applications can be installed without power tools in under an hour by anyone who owns a socket set and a few wrenches.
Polished Stainless Steel provides not only the mirror look of chrome but fantastic durability and a limited Lifetime Warranty. Did you know that if you happen to scratch Stainless Steel in most cased it can be polished out! 
Black powder coat now comes with a 3 year warranty, 3 times better than what you could get a few years ago. Our toll free helpline is here to give you personal advice on which product will best suit your needs and installation advice on everything we sell. 
Come check us out at www.canadianautoaccessories.com We currently have standard 3" and 4" side bars, ovals, and even a Canadian Deluxe Edition 4" Oval Side bars for some models.
If you have any questions, we're always here for you. Call us at 1-888-917-2257. 

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Roof Rack Crossbars

Many of today’s SUV/Crossover vehicles come with some form of factory roof rack, but most of the time they are not equipped with a crossbar system. The keys to any crossbar system are #1 - Security, #2 flexibility and #3 ease of use. 

Security - If you are adding a crossbar system it’s so you can take advantage of external cargo capacity, either roof top Boxes, ski/snowboard, bike or Kayak/Canoe carriers. Whatever it is you want to carry it’s going to be something of value. Too many times people will lock their valuables to the carrier only to have the whole package disappear crossbars and all. So if your crossbars aren’t locked down you have no security.

Flexibility - Your crossbar package should allow the use of many different carrier accessories and be movable from one vehicle to another. We all seem to accumulate different accessories for our various hobbies. We promote the Perrycraft line of accessories, but you may have a Thule Bike Carrier, a Yakima Ski Carrier or a Sportcraft cargo box, so it’s important that your package be able to accept all these accessories.

Ease of use - Is a very important factor, but without security becomes ease of theft, without flexibility becomes only a rental until you get your next vehicle. Some crossbars are really easy to add and remove but don’t lock down in an effective way, others may install easy enough and lock well but will only accept the same manufacturers accessories.

At Canadianautoaccessories.com we carry the Mont Blanc Gripper series of crossbars. these bars offer the top level of all the above. Security and ease of use - Grippers require no tools to install, drop them onto your factory or aftermarket roof rails, tighten the clamp ends using the integrated wings, fold the wings down and lock into place with the key unique to your set. Flexibility - Grippers will work on almost all profiles of roof rails and work with various spans of roofs. Check them out at: 


Friday, 3 August 2012

End of Week News - Step Bars, Bull Bars and Premium Leather Seats

Friday before the long weekend and it's shaping out to be a scorcher in Canada across the nation. Be careful if you're in Quebec, Manitoba, or New Brunswick, there's some weather alerts in effect.

We've been working on some new products this week from some of our suppliers and coming up we'll be offering a wide selection of step bars, side rails, grill guards, bull bars, and other aftermarket products. We're also working on getting some really great leather seats that are vehicle specific and customizable.

Total this is about another 1000 products so it isn't the easiest thing to get up. Bear with us while we set it up but I'm very excited over these new lines we will be offering.

Right now we have many custom grilles, spoilers, roof racks and roof rails. If you are after something in particular that isn't listed on our site, we will find it for you and ship it out to you. Give us a call toll free at 1-888-917-2257 and we'll work for you.

I started here a couple of months ago and have worked extensively with John and his contacts. He's been in the industry for 20 years and in that time has built great relationships with suppliers. It is our motto to work towards everyone winning. We don't want to sell customers something at an unfair price and we want to make sure our suppliers will be here for years to come. There is no reason we can't all be get along, it's the Canadian way!

Enjoy the weekend Canada, remember we have the best backyard in the whole world.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Easy to Install Grilles from APS

I’ve been working directly with the folks at APS in product development and their latest product is particularly exciting! The EZMesh Grille adds zing to any car for low dough and is just about as easy to install as any accessory I’ve ever seen (I’m pretty sure my wife could do it without instructions). All you do is lay the part over your existing grille, place the mounting tabs on the threaded mounting screws that protrude through the back of the grille add the supplied lock washers and twist on the wing nuts also provided . That’s it! Done! Now you have the look of a Bentley!

Made of triple chrome plated .70 T-304 Stainless Steel wire mesh, this grille overlay will outlast the car/truck it’s installed on.

Friday, 27 July 2012

CanadianAutoAccessories.com has offcially launched

CanadianAutoAccessories.com was launched to offer fair prices to Canadians while they shop online for all their truck and car accessories. It's a fact, Canada has been behind the curve when it comes to selling products online. What's worst is that the sites that do cater to Canada sell at a premium compared to their American counterparts and that doesn't even include shipping, tariffs, brokerage, and duty fees. A product that would cost $150 now has an extra $100 dollars in charges. That just doesn't seem fair.

When we started in the automotive accessory industry Gretzky was getting traded to the L.A. Kings, Calgary was hosting the XV Olympic Winter games, and Jonthan Toews was being born. We survived all these years by being honest and placing our customers first. Now we are taking this one step further and cutting out the middle men. We will provide Canada with the most extensive online catalogue of auto accessories for Canadian consumers. The prices you see are the prices you pay.

Our philosophy has always been to listen and understand our customers. Because of this philosophy we are making sure to get all the feedback we can get. We're building ourselves to be a social company in which it is easy to contact us.

Currently we are listing spoilers, grilles, roof racks, roof rails, and roof rail add ons/ crossbars. In the near future we are going to have premium leather seats, step bars, bull bars, and much more. Keep checking as our inventory is sure to expand moving forward.

You can visit us at www.canadianautoaccessories.com